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Arrow Pneumatics

Headquartered in Illinois, USA, Arrow Pneumatics has been producing air preparation products since 1947. The brand's extensive catalogue includes filters, regulators, lubricators and electric drains. Arrow Pneuamtics particulate filters remove harmful oil / water condensate, pipe scale, dirt and rust from compressed air systems. They are also used as pre-filters to oil removing & coalescing filters for ensuring efficiency and long element life in paint spraying & pharmaceutical applications. The brand's arrowick lubricators are used for lubricating tools or cylinders that run constantly. These units feature a simple, trouble-free design and have a large bowl capacity to extend the intervals between fillings. They automatically maintain the same air-oil ratio, regardless of variations in airflow.
Customers searching for the company's filters and lubricators can look for the model, item or cross-reference number on our website. We also source direct alternatives for various old and discontinued products, with no minimum order quantity required for placing orders.

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