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Arrow Pneumatics

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Arrow Pneumatics MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Dixon, Parker and Speedaire model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor item that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent products available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, an authorised Arrow Pneumatics distributor, offers its complete range of products. We can recommend suitable products for your diverse application requirements.


Arrow Pneumatics products are small in size. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these Arrow Pneumatics items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Arrow Pneumatics

Arrow Pneumatics catalogue includes an exclusive line of pneumatic mufflers, filters, regulators, desiccant dryers, breathers & vents. The brand's filter regulators and lubricators are equipped with a 40-micron element that effectively filters out contaminants, such as dust, oil and water from the compressed air system, preventing damage to tools and equipment. They have a manual drain that allows for easy and efficient removal of accumulated moisture and other contaminants, ensuring that the air remains clean and dry.
3 Series arrowfog lubricators have a large bowl capacity that reduces the need for frequent refilling. They are equipped with an automatic air-oil ratio system that maintains consistent performance, even when there are fluctuations in airflow.

Major Trade Names

Blower Purge Regenerative Dryers

Blower Purge Regenerative Dryers

These dryers are designed with several features to ensure efficient and trouble-free operation. The externally mounted heater allows for easy element service and efficiently conducts heat uniformly throughout the desiccant to eliminate localized hot spots and prevent desiccant fusing and heater burn...

outs. The heater elements are incoloy sheathed for long-lasting, trouble-free service. Additionally, the heater thermostat controls and maintains a user-adjusted regeneration temperature for changing flow or seasonal moisture variations. These dryers also feature an interlock circuit that protects units from heater burnout due to a loss of purge air flow, further ensuring the reliability and longevity of the dryer.

Arrow Ultrafog Lubricators

Arrow Ultrafog Lubricators

They are available in Tri-Star and Midflow variants that generate oil particles as fine as 0.4 microns and remain suspended. These Ultrafog systems allow precise adjustment control and atomise oil droplets into a fine mist that is reclassified in the bowl before sending the lighter particles downstr...


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FRL regulator?

An FRL unit combines a filter, regulator and lubricator into a single component for keeping air compressor systems in excellent working condition.

How to use these FRL regulators?

  • Connect the FRL assembly to your compressed air system using the appropriate fittings and hoses.
  • Adjust the regulator to set the desired air pressure for your application by turning the knob on top of the regulator, ensuring that the pressure gauge is visible and easy to read.
  • Adjust the lubricator to add the appropriate amount of lubricant to the compressed air by turning the knob on top of the lubricator. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for the recommended amount of lubricant for your application.
  • Install a filter element into the filter bowl to remove any dirt, debris or moisture from the compressed air before it reaches your equipment. Consult the manufacturer's instructions to choose the appropriate filter element for your application.
  • Turn on the compressed air supply and check for any leaks or abnormalities in the system.
  • Monitor the pressure gauge and adjust the regulator as necessary to maintain the desired pressure.
  • Monitor the lubricator and refill with lubricant as necessary.
  • Replace the filter element as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the continued effectiveness of the filter.
  • Regularly inspect the FRL assembly for any signs of damage or wear and replace any parts as necessary.

How to choose the right size of Arrow Pneumatic desiccant dryers?

  • Determine the flow rate of the compressed air that needs to be dried. This will help you choose the appropriate size of the desiccant dryer for your needs.
  • Install the desiccant dryer in your compressed air system. This usually involves connecting the inlet and outlet ports of the dryer to the corresponding ports on your air system.
  • Make sure that the desiccant material inside the dryer is fresh and not saturated with moisture. If it's not fresh, you may need to replace the desiccant or regenerate it if the dryer has a regeneration cycle.
  • Turn on the compressed air system and the desiccant dryer. The air will flow through the dryer and the desiccant material will adsorb moisture from the air.
  • Monitor the dew point of the compressed air downstream of the dryer to make sure that it's within the desired range. If the dew point is too high, you may need to adjust the dryer settings or replace the desiccant.
  • Periodically check the desiccant material inside the dryer, ensuring that it's still effective. If it's saturated with moisture, you'll need to regenerate or replace it.
  • Regularly maintain the desiccant dryer according to the manufacturer's instructions, such as cleaning the dryer, replacing filters, or regenerating the desiccant material.