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  • Conduit Fittings

    Zinc grounding locknuts designed to secure threaded conduits to metallic outlet boxes / enclosures in wet locations. Provide excellent pullout strength and are resistant to weak acids, saltwater, alcohol, oil and grease. Non-metallic insulating bushings also available

  • Conduit Reducing Bushings and Washers
  • Flexible Metal Conduit Fittings

    Highly durable, anti-short plastic bushings designed to create an insulation barrier against sharp edges of flexible metal conduits, to protect wires / cables passing through them against abrasion. Straight and duplex connectors also available

  • Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings

    Non-insulated straight / 90-degree connectors designed to connect liquid-tight conduits with fixtures, boxes or enclosures. Feature zinc or UV-rated plastic construction to withstand wet and corrosive environments, and toolless push-on installation for quick connection

  • Liquid Tight Cord Connectors

    Designed for holding & allowing the cables to pass through holes in enclosures & furniture. Feature nylon / zinc die-cast construction for protection against stress & damage. Available in 3/4 & 1/2 inch conduit size options

Wire ManagementView all

  • Cable Clips

    Fork type cable spacers suitable for positioning, holding or routing power / datacom cables. Feature PVC construction and screw-mounting style, and can hold up to 8 cables securely b/w forks

  • Cable Supports

    25- / 75-lb flexible beam loop hangers designed to hold up to 2-inch bundles of wires / cables. Constructed using PVC and can be stacked perpendicular / parallel to other loop hangers. Non-metallic PVC snap-in bushings also available

  • Wire Management Tools

Conduit MountingView all

  • Conduit and Cable Hangers

    UV-rated QuickLATCH pipe hangers designed to securely accommodate 4-inch rigid, EMT, liquid-tight and flex conduits. Easy-to-lock, can be mounted in horizontal / vertical position, feature one-piece construction and are available in different heights and widths

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  • Conduit and Outlet Bodies

    Corrosion-resistant conduit outlet bodies ideal for changing the direction of conduit runs and making bends in a conduit system. Feature aluminium / PVC construction for extended durability and tapered threads for tight and rigid joints. 90-degree pulling elbows also available

About Arlington

Arlington Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality metallic and non-metallic electric fittings and connectors since 1949. The Arlington Industries catalog includes conduit fittings, cord connectors, straight connectors, conduit and outlet bodies and cable hangers. The strain-relief cord connectors manufactured by the brand help prevent the breakage of cable connections and feature a polyethylene sealing ring to ensure a liquid-tight seal when installed in non-threaded openings. These non-metallic Arlington cord connectors follow CSA standards and are offered in 3/4- and 1/2-inch conduit sizes. Choose from a wide range of these Arlington electric products and related accessories, such as safety boxes, mounting brackets and fixtures, on Raptor Supplies.

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