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Founded in 1993 and headquartered in New York, USA, ARCHON produces industrial machinery for the pharmaceutical, chemical & petrochemical, food processing & beverage, biotechnology and pulp & paper industries. The brand's catalogue includes brewery equipment, level gauges, manways, washdown equipment and sight flow indicators. ARCHON brewery equipment include tank lighting, sight glasses, spray balls, brewery fittings, manways, butterfly valves and brewery hoses. The butterfly valves are used to open and close fluid lines carrying beer, wine, juices or water. These valves start, stop, regulate or isolate fluid flow and prevent backflow. The brand's washdown equipment product line includes steam mixing units, hot & cold water mixing units, thermostatically controlled mixing units, hoses, reels, spray guns and more. The steam mixing units carefully & thoroughly mix steam and cold water to provide on demand instant hot water. Users can adjust the water temperature on these units by turning the incorporated control valves.
Customers searching for ARCHON brewery or washdown equipment can look for the model, item or cross-reference number on our website. We also source direct alternatives for various old and discontinued products with no minimum order quantity required for placing orders.

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