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Plunger Pumps

Horizontal gas engine triplex plunger pumps rated to deliver up to 18.5 gpm for high-pressure water applications such as car washes, pressure washers, sewer jetting and cool misting. Equipped with oversized friction bearings for smooth and uninterrupted functioning

Pressure Washer Pump 7.9 Gpm 3/4f x 1/2f
Item: AE2EKX
Model: RTP30N
$11,440.91 /unit
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Pressure Washer Pump 36 Gpm 1 1/2f x 1f
Item: AE2EKY
Model: RTF135N
$11,575.91 /unit
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Pressure Washer Pump 18 Gpm 1 1/2f x 1f
Item: AE2EKZ
Model: RTJ70N
$11,543.18 /unit
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Unloader Relief Valves

Brass pressure relief valves featuring Buna-N seals for adhesion & abrasion resistance, flow rates ranging from 0 to 6.3 GPM and a maximum operating pressure of 4060 psi at 194 degrees F; designed for plunger pumps using water & non-flammable liquids

Regulating Valve 3/8 Inch 0 To 6.3 Gpm
Item: AE4CZP
Model: AL703
$119.32 /unit
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About A.r. North America

A division of Annovi Reverberi, A.R. North America (ARNA) is a leading manufacturer of pressure washer pumps. Its extensive product line includes plunger pumps, pressure washers, vacuum pumps and related accessories ideal for residential, commercial and agricultural applications. Cold water pressure washers from A.R. North America feature a universal motor (15 to 20 A) and a tri-axial / triplex plunger pump capable of generating a max pressure of 1900 psi at 1.5 to 2.1 gpm, used for removing stubborn dirt and debris from surfaces and cleaning vehicles & machines. These powerful pressure washers have a trigger lock to prevent the trigger from being engaged accidentally and are equipped with adjustable spray guns & in-built / attached detergent tanks / bottles. Pressure relief valves (also referred to as safety valves) are used for controlling pressure in a system so that there is no equipment failure due to pressure build-up. ARNA also offers pressure regulating valves that feature brass and 300 stainless steel construction with Buna-N seals for adhesion and abrasion resistance. These valves bypass the required amount of water while maintaining constant system pressure, making them ideal for use with plunger pumps. Choose from a wide range of these valves and other products such as hoses, nozzles, spray guns, wands on Raptor Supplies, an authorised A.R. North America distributor.