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Plumbing Filter

Relief Valves

Adjustable relief and safety relief valves for controlling or limiting the fluid pressure / flow by keeping the pressure build-up in check on an interval basis; ideal for installation in high-pressure pipelines, supply lines and production lines. Available in brass, bronze and brass-bronze alloy body materials

About Aquatrol

Aquatrol is an ISO 9001:2015 certified American-based manufacturer of safety and relief valves. These quality products follow ASME and National Board-Certified safety valve standards, and are suitable for gas, air and steam applications.
The company's130 Series safety relief valves are ideal for application where a small-sized valve is required, such as compressors, steam cleaners, sterilisers and autoclaves. These valves feature brass body construction, a bronze seat and disc, a stainless-steel spring and an FNPT or MNPT inlet. These Aquatrol safety relief valves can withstand a maximum pressure of 200 psi and can operate at temperatures ranging from 0 to 406 degrees Fahrenheit.
Choose from a wide range of these Aquatrol valves, available in different body and disc materials, and inlet and outlet sizes, on Raptor Supplies.