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Aquasana manufactures whole house water, under sink water, countertop water, shower & replacement filters, in addition to whole house water conditioners, water bottles and replacement pitchers & dispensers. Aquasana whole house water filters provide clean water for cooking, bathing, drinking & doing laundry. Rhino 600000 gallon water filters are NSF tested and eliminate 97% of chlorine & contaminants like lead, mercury, VOCs, herbicides & pesticides. These Aquasana water filters feature a unique upflow, dual tank design for increasing water contact time with contaminants, thereby removing media to prevent media channeling or clogging. They are constructed using HDTE food grade material for high mechanical strength and withstanding temperatures & pressures up to 90 deg F & 100 psi, respectively.
We supply and deliver to more than 60 countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. You can either reach us via phone / WhatsApp / live chat, or submit the form on this page to get the equivalent part you need today!

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