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Check Valves and Backflow Preventers

  • Includes compact, lightweight and portable testing devices such, as air gap drain kits and test cocks, used for backward assembly testing or as an isolation valve

  • Includes an upper- and lower-check stem O-ring, a check disc, a diaphragm, a piston seal and a lubricant. Used for repair and maintenance of backflow preventers

  • Designed to prevent contamination of potable water supply due to back-siphonage or back-pressure from undesirable substances. Offered in bronze and lead-free bronze variants

  • Includes a wide range of brass air cocks with a tee or lever handle. Used for easily controlling the entry / exit of air from a plumbing line

  • Horizontal-mounted bronze flow check valves with a maximum operating pressure of 50 psi and maximum operating temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Can also be used as backflow preventers

  • Placed on bibcock, toilet or urinal flush valves and have a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi. Commonly used for backflow prevention and protecting potable water from getting contaminated. Lab faucet vacuum breakers are also available.

Pressure and Temperature Control Valves

  • Used to relieve excess pressure in air / steam / gas lines once a pre-set pressure has been exceeded

  • Used for protection against excessive water and steam pressures generated when the thermal unit input controls fail. Can handle pressures up to 150 psi and ideal for use with hot water boilers and heating systems

  • Includes Apollo 36 ELF Series, lead-free valves designed for reducing excess pressure in commercial and residential water pipes by reducing water flow

Shut-Off Valves

  • Includes a wide range of spring-loaded check and foot valves used for preventing reverse flow in a fluid or gas system

  • High-quality and cost-efficient connection adapters that can operate at temperatures ranging from 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Have a maximum operating pressure of 600 psi

  • Wide range of bronze, brass and stainless steel inline ball valves for controlling or limiting the flow of fluids. Equipped with a rotatable flow control handle for easy operation

  • Compatible with natural, manufactured, liquefied petroleum gas or air mixtures, and widely used in the installation of residential and commercial heating appliances. Available in lever, tee and flat-head handle options

Valve Actuators Enclosures and Accessories

  • Includes extension kit used to elevate the handle to accommodate pipe insulation. Feature plated steel body construction and include a screw, extension stem, stop and stem sleeve

Flow Control Valves

  • Gate valves are designed to provide fluid isolation by offering a positive seating in both fully open and fully closed positions, whereas globe valves utilise an additional plug or tap for the same. Available in stainless steel, carbon steel, brass and low-lead bronze body materials

Liquid Level Gauges and Sight Indicators

  • Allows the operator to keep check on the level, flow, clarity and color of the fluid in boilers and liquid lines. Feature gauge cocks on both the side of the glass gauge & an automatic ball-check shutoff valve for isolating the chamber from the vessel

Tube Fittings

  • Used for creating high-pressure seals in various plumbing applications. Feature stainless steel body construction for reliable protection against reverse flow


    Pipe Fittings and Couplings


      • Designed to remove foreign matter from pipelines and prolong valve / pump / meter life. Can handle pressures up to 250 psi and suitable for water, air, gas, petroleum, steam and other fluids

      Sinks and Fountains



          • Includes seal replacement kits used to seal various parts of valves and provide a tight connection



          • Includes stainless-steel actuator mounting kits and mounting kit replacement parts for pneumatic actuators

          Pneumatics Hoses

            Replacement Parts

            • Includes ball valve handles, lock levers, seal repair kits, handles, spring sets and valve lock devices. Used to repair and replace damaged handles, levers and other valve parts

            Hose Reels

              Power Transmission



                  Linear Motion


                      Test Instruments

                      Pressure and Vacuum Measuring



                          Strain Relief



                            • Includes Apollo 70 Series handle nuts in the 1-1 / 4 to 3 inch, 1 / 2 inch and 3 / 4 to 1-inch formats


                            • 3/4-inch brass washers used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener

                            HVAC and Refrigeration

                            HVAC Controls

                            • Includes stainless-steel valve mounting kits compatible with different Apollo ball valves with threaded end connections

                            A/C Refrigeration


                              O-Rings and O-Ring Kits

                                Braces and Brackets

                                  Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

                                  Automotive Mechanical

                                    Automotive Interior


                                      Pool and Spa Pumps

                                        Pump Controls

                                          Pump Accessories

                                            Hand Tools



                                              Locking Systems


                                                Motor Supplies

                                                  Apollo Valves (Conbraco Industries) has been manufacturing high-quality industrial valves for applications in mining, chemical processing, power generation and marine industries, since 1928. Its product line comprises water gauges, pop safety & relief valves, marine fittings, backflow prevention devices, ball valves, actuators & mixing valves. These chemical- and corrosion-resistant valves are used to prevent reverse flow of polluted water into potable water and maintain a unidirectional fluid flow. Apollo ball valves are available in bronze, carbon steel or stainless steel, with a blowout-proof stem for better protection. Its 70-100 Series ball valves are widely used to regulate and control flow of fluids. For closed system and pressure piping applications, the 500 Series Apollo relief valves are an ideal choice because of their high-capacity full nozzle design. Choose from a wide range of Apollo check valves, ball valves and relief valves on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Apollo Valves distributor.