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About Apollo Valves

Apollo chemical & corrosion-resistant valves are used to prevent the reverse flow of polluted water into potable water and maintain unidirectional fluid flow. The brand's ball valves are available in bronze, carbon steel & stainless steel variants, and feature a blowout proof stem for enhanced protection. Apollo ball valves are used to regulate and control the flow of fluids. These 70-100 Series valves feature RPTFE and TFM seat construction for excellent performance under load. 500 Series Apollo safety relief valves are ideal for closed system and pressure piping applications, owing to their high capacity, full nozzle design. They are made of bronze to conduct heat and electricity efficiently.

Major Trade Names

Hastelloy C Class 600 NPT Ball Valves

Hastelloy C Class 600 NPT Ball Valves

Feature 3 piece construction with enclosed fasteners to facilitate easy disassembling & easy maintenance. Equipped with spiral wound gaskets to resist excessive compression caused by high seating stress in high-pressure applications. Statically grounded body, stem & ball to ensure safety from sparks...

and two-position locking for added safety. Provide vacuum service up to 29 inch of Hg and can withstand a maximum saturated steam pressure of 250 psig.



77VLF-140 Series, 2 piece valves made of brass for corrosion resistance and are silicone-free to prevent valve contamination. Feature Leak before Press technology to ensure quick and secure connections. Come equipped with EPDM O-ring and RPTFE stem packing for effective sealing and are compatible wi...

th Ridgid XLC press tools. 100% factory tested and meet Federal Public Law 111-380, ANSI 3rd Party standards.

CVB Ball Cone Check Valves

CVB Ball Cone Check Valves

Spring actuated valves providing reliable protection from reverse flow & corrosion; ideal for saturated steam service. Can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal directions with upward flow. Equipped with an RPTFE ball cone for chemical resistance and facilitate the use of rods or brushes to cle...

an the valve. Feature a tight shut-off unit having liquid media for minimum flow turbulence.

Apollo Valves Competitive Advantages

Therma-Seal Insulating Tee-Handles

Therma-Seal Insulating Tee-Handles

These insulated and 2-1/4 inch long handles are designed for ball valves used on insulated pipes. They are used to prevent the installation of new valves or retrofitting of the valve with new handles while refurbishing the piping system. They feature glass-reinforced nylon construction for low friction & wear resistance, and have a plug & cap to cr...

eate a vapour seal for preventing condensation & problems arising due to sweat on the fittings. These handles come with an innovative stop plate having plated steel to allow use with 2 & 3 piece ball valves. They meet UL 2043 standards, making them ideal for air handling applications and are capable of being operated at temperatures up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the anti-static design essential for a ball valve?

The anti-static design eliminates static sparkle caused by the friction between the ball and the non-metal body, stem & seat ball, which might cause damage to the entire pipeline system.

Are Apollo ball valves directional?

Yes, the brand's two-piece threaded end valves are bi-directional. They can be installed in both horizontal and vertical pipe runs, irrespective of flow direction and stem orientation.

What are backflow preventers?

They prevent contamination of potable water supply due to backpressure or back-siphonage from undesirable substances. Apollo backflow preventers are available in bronze and lead-free bronze variants.

Can Apollo valves be used in high-temperature applications?

The brand's 18C-400 Series and 18C-500 Series relief valves are ideal for high-temperature applications.

Can Apollo valves be automated or remotely controlled?

Yes, Apollo valves can be automated or remotely controlled using electric or pneumatic actuators and can be integrated into building management systems for remote control & monitoring.

How do I select the correct Apollo valve for my application?

To select the correct Apollo valve, consider factors like fluid type & temperature, pressure, size and flow requirements.

How do I maintain my Apollo valve?

Maintenance for Apollo valves includes regular inspection, cleaning and lubrication.