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End Brushes

Flared End Brush Steel 3 Inch 16000 Rpm
Item: AG4KLD
Model: A06051
$59.72 /unit
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Knot Wire End Brush Steel 3/4 In.
Item: AG4KLJ
Model: A10921
$39.55 /unit
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Sander Grinder Wire Brushes

Crimped Wire Wheel Brush Arbor 2-1/2 inch
Item: AH4CDR
Model: A08924
$31.51 /unit
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Crimped Wire Wheel Brush Stem 3 inch
Item: AH4CDT
Model: A09055
$35.03 /unit
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Twist Wire Wheel Brush 4 inch
Item: AH4CDU
Model: A11145
$55.90 /unit
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Knot Wire Wheel Brush Arbor 8 inch
Item: AH4CDV
Model: A14934
$262.17 /unit
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