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Cargo Straps

Used to keep cargo / loads stable and secure in transit and to make loading / unloading easy and safe. Available in J-, S- and flat hook styles with a maximum breaking strength of 16200 lb

Winch Strap 30 Feet x 4 Inch 5400 Lb.
Item: AA7ZHY
Model: 43795-90-30-GRA
$63.42 /unit
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Logistics Straps

Ratchet buckle logistic straps and tie-off extensions to anchor ropes to the truck / trailer side walls safely and conveniently. Reduce damage by preventing shifting of cargo inside the vehicle or the container

Tie-off Extension 7 Inch x 2 Inch 1000 Lb.
Item: AA7ZHQ
Model: 40386-11-GRA
$41.67 /unit
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Truck and Trailer Anchors

Steel-made horizontal and vertical E-tracks and E-track beam sockets installed or mounted inside a truck or a trailer to provide safe and secure anchor point for tie-down and winch straps

Beam Socket Steel
Item: AA7ZHU
Model: 40921-10-GRA
$21.96 /unit
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Truck and Trailer Winches

Zinc-plated truck / trailer winches designed to make loading and unloading of heavy or huge cargo smoother, safer and easier. Have a maximum work load limit of 5500 lb

Winch Accessories

Ratcheting winch caps for use with any conventional winch to securely hold the winch bar in place (inside winch) until the straps are completely tight. Make the strap tightening easy and reduce the chances of injury

Silver Cap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap
Item: AA7ZJM
Model: 49723-10-GRA
$22.99 /unit
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Winch Bars

Used to tighten and loosen winch straps while loading / unloading cargo on flatbed trucks and trailers. Feature an ergonomic design to provide leverage to reduce manual efforts while strapping

Box End Combination Winch Bar 38-5/8 In
Item: AA7ZJP
Model: 50015-21-GRA
$60.34 /unit
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Combination Winch Bar 34 Inch Knurled Grip
Item: AA7ZHX
Model: 42313-20-GRA
$36.27 /unit
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About Ancra

Ancra International has been offering high-quality cargo handling solutions since 1969. The company manufactures restraint systems for vans, trucks, trains and planes to make transportation and loading / unloading of cargo easy and secure. The Ancra product catalogue includes truck and trailer anchors; cargo and logistics straps; and truck and trailer winches, winch bars and accessories. The anchors for trucks and trailers are made from high-quality steel and mounted inside the vehicles to provide a safe and secure anchor point for straps. These straps by Ancra come in J-, S- and flat hook styles and are used to keep loads stable and secure in transit. They have a maximum working load limit of 3333 lb. and are available in lengths up to 30 feet. Choose from a wide range of these material handling products on Raptor Supplies.