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WrenchesView all

  • Adjustable Wrenches

    Open-end wrenches featuring adjustable jaws for a firm grip and a plain grip / double insulated handle suitable for protection against mechanical and impact sparks

  • Box End Wrenches

    FM-approved single / double box end wrenches ideal for loosening and tightening nuts and bolts. Made from aluminium bronze and available in different overall lengths and sizes

  • Chain Wrenches and Tongs

    Easy-to-use chain wrenches designed to hold or turn circular objects. Feature a non-sparking and non-magnetic double-end jaw made of aluminium bronze. Available in 20-, 27-, 36- and 72-inch variants

  • Combination Wrench Sets

    Includes 7-piece non-sparking combination wrench sets comprising 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19 and 22 mm straight wrenches with a head angle of 15 degrees

  • Combination Wrenches

    Includes various non-sparking, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant Ampco safety Wrenches in metric and SAE sizes and different materials. Ideal for use in flammable and combustible environments

  • Drum Bung and Plug Wrenches

    Designed for opening metal & plastic drum bungs / plugs in chemical processing, petrochemical and oil & gas applications. Lightweight, non-sparking design for user safety and aluminium, bronze & nickel combination construction for impact strength

  • Hex and Torx Key Sets

    Suitable for loosening & tightening hexagonal bolts & compatible fasteners in automotive manufacturing & metalworking applications. Feature beryllium copper construction for durability & L-shaped handle for maximum grip

  • Hex/Torx Keys

    Designed for tightening & loosening fasteners and hexagonal bolts in construction, electrical, electronic and automotive repair applications. Available in plain & non-sparking handles in L or T shape variants

  • Open End Wrenches

    Includes various double open-end wrenches in metric and SAE sizes. Have different opening sizes at both ends and are available in different lengths and materials

  • Pipe Wrenches

    Suitable for clamping onto pipes, bolts, lug nuts and screws for fastening & loosening in plumbing, construction and fire & safety applications. Available in aluminium, nickel aluminium bronze and aluminium bronze handle variants

  • Spanner Wrenches

    Designed for gripping, loosening & tightening nuts & bolts in automotive maintenance and metalworking applications. Feature nickel aluminium bronze / aluminium bronze construction for long-term operation

  • Striking and Slugging Wrenches

    Designed for fastening & loosening nuts & bolts in construction, metalworking and repair operations. Block shaped end for striking with hammer to loosen tight bolts. Available in aluminium bronze and nickel aluminium bronze variants

  • Valve Wheel Wrenches

    Designed for gripping handwheel rims for providing leverage during turning in automotive maintenance applications. Feature high strength nickel aluminium bronze construction for withstanding harsh blows and stress

Sockets and BitsView all

  • Hand Ratchets

    Suitable for tightening nuts & bolts in environments with flammable liquids, vapours & particles, using attachable sockets. Ideal for oil & gas plants, automotive manufacturing and maintenance & repair applications. Feature nickel aluminium bronze construction for strength

  • Insulated Hand Ratchets
  • Socket Extensions

    Designed for extending socket reach & leverage for fastening nuts & bolts in construction & automotive repair applications. Non-sparking design makes it ideal for use in conditions with flammable liquids, vapours and chemicals

  • Socket Sets

    Suitable for tightening fasteners in automotive maintenance, metalworking, construction and fire & safety applications. Feature carrying case with integrated locks for secure tool storage and job-site portability

  • Socket Wrench Accessories

    Includes hinged handle socket wrenches & speed handles suitable for fastening nuts & bolts using sockets in maintenance & repair applications. Feature a non-sparking design ideal for environments having flammable vapours, liquids and chemicals

  • Sockets

    Includes various deep-well and insulated sockets for tightening and loosening bolts or nuts. Available in metric and SAE sizes and different materials

Hammers and Striking ToolsView all

  • Ball Pein Hammers

    Non-sparking ball pein hammers suitable for environments where flammable or explosive gases are present. Feature a fibreglass handle that can dissipate shock waves

  • Claw/Rip/Framing Hammers

    Non-magnetic and non-sparking claw hammers featuring a cylindrical hammer end for driving nails and a claw-end to easily pull out nails

  • Engineer/Drilling/Blacksmith Hammers

    Designed for striking metal workpieces and backing out rivets, bolts & pins in drilling, machining & fabrication operations. Feature fibreglass / fibreglass with cushion grip handles for comfort & convenience

  • Picks Riveting/Chipping Hammers

    Designed for breaking & chipping masonry & concrete items in construction, fire & safety, and railroad repair applications. Feature high strength nickel aluminium bronze / aluminium bronze construction for impact strength & edge retention

  • Sledges

    Suitable for breaking wooden, concrete, stone & masonry items for demolition and fire & safety operations. Feature a long, cushioned grip handle for providing the maximum grip, in addition to superior control and user comfort

Punches Chisels and Hand DrillsView all

  • Center Punches

    Non-sparking center punches designed to mark the center of a point while drilling holes. Made from nickel aluminium bronze, and offered in different diameters and lengths

  • Chisels

    Non-sparking cold / hand chisels suitable for environments where flammable particles are present. Made from aluminium bronze or nickel aluminium bronze and available in different lengths and tip sizes

  • Hand Held Punches

    Includes various OSHA, NFPA and MSHA compliant drift pin, marlin spike, round centre and round pin punches. Ideal for use in volatile environments and available in different sizes and materials

  • Scratch Awls

    Designed for line scribing wooden workpieces for cutting & finishing in woodworking applications. Feature beryllium copper shank & cellulose acetate handle for wear minimisation and secure grip, respectively

PliersView all

Masonry Concrete and Tile ToolsView all

Impact Sockets and BitsView all

  • Impact Sockets

    Includes various industrial impact sockets, ideal for tightening or loosening fasteners that require a high amount of torque. Available in metric and SAE sizes and different materials and lengths

Communications ToolsView all

  • Alignment Tools

    Includes non-sparking, non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant offset pins made from high-strength nickel aluminium bronze. Available in different tip sizes

About Ampco

Ampco's extensive catalogue comprises shovels, sockets, knives, wedges, scrapers, wrenches, pliers, brushes, screwdrivers, hex keys, non sparking hammers, hatchets, chisels, wedges and punches. The brand's adjustable wrenches are ideal for securely gripping & loosening / fastening nuts & bolts. They feature built-in tension springs to optimally stabilise the jaw for gripping fasteners and lightweight aluminium bronze alloy construction for withstanding harsh industrial conditions.
Customers searching for individual parts & replacements can look for the model, item or cross reference number on Raptor Supplies. We also source direct alternatives for various old and discontinued products, with no minimum order quantity required for placing orders.

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