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Definite Purpose AC Motors

  • Universal AC/DC Motors

    Includes various 5/16-inch shaft diameter universal AC / DC motors in different lengths. Used in applications that require high horsepower output

  • Vacuum Motors

    Includes a variety of UL-recognised and CSA-certified industrial vacuum motors, such as peripheral, tangential and thru-flow discharge Ametek Lamb vacuum motors, in different diameters

DC Motors

  • DC Wound Field Motors

    Includes a variety of totally enclosed, fan-cooled and field-wound DC motors used in hydraulic tailgates and snow plow lifts


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes various Ametek motor parts, such as replacement brushes and brush mechanisms, for replacement of old and worn-out parts

Ametek Lamb manufactures UL-listed and CSA-certified electromechanical devices including advanced monitoring, testing, calibrating & display instruments; electrical interconnects and electric motors. The Ametek Lamb Electric Motors catalogue incorporates a wide range of industrial vacuum, DC wound field & universal AC / DC motors. The brand's high-performance wound field DC motors are suitable for hydraulic tailgate and snow plough lifts. These Ametek DC motors feature a TEFC enclosure, a slotted shaft, Class F insulation & nameplate rating of 2800 rpm and have enhanced thermal capabilities to prevent overheating.
The company also offers a wide range of 50 / 60 Hz thru-flow discharge vacuum motors suitable for commercial canister / utility vacuums and central vacuum systems to move clean & dry air. These intermittent-duty Ametek vacuum motors use vacuumed air to cool themselves by passing it over their armature and are thereby, much quieter than peripheral and tangential motors. They feature ball bearings, an open drip-proof enclosure, Class A insulation and an average life of 500 hours. Choose from a wide range of these motors in different ampere and voltage ratings on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Ametek motor distributors.