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Definite Purpose AC Motors

  • Includes various 5/16-inch shaft diameter universal AC / DC motors in different lengths. Used in applications that require high horsepower output

  • Includes a variety of UL-recognised and CSA-certified industrial vacuum motors, such as peripheral, tangential and thru-flow discharge Ametek Lamb vacuum motors, in different diameters

DC Motors

  • Includes a variety of totally enclosed, fan-cooled and field-wound DC motors used in hydraulic tailgates and snow plow lifts


Replacement Parts

  • Includes various Ametek motor parts, such as replacement brushes and brush mechanisms, for replacement of old and worn-out parts

Since 1915, Ametek Lamb has been manufacturing electronic & electromechanical devices, with its catalogue including brushless blowers, lamb brushed vacuum motors, transportation pumps and regenerative blowers. Ametek Lamb thru-flow discharge vacuum motors are suitable for canister / utility vacuums and central vacuum systems to move clean & dry air. These intermittent-duty motors use vacuumed air to cool themselves by passing it over their armature. They feature ball bearings, an open drip-proof enclosure, Class A insulation and an average life of 500 hours. Ametek Lamb vacuum, DC field wound & universal AC / DC motors are available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised brand distributor.