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American Torch Tip designs and manufactures high-quality welding equipment for use in automotive, construction, mechanical and shipbuilding industries. The American Torch Tip catalogue comprises welding and cutting torches, consumables and replacement parts. The brand's replacement consumables are designed for use with MIG, TIG, oxy-fuel, thermal spray and laser systems. These products are manufactured using automated vision systems to provide high accuracy, premium quality and durability. The brand's air- and water-cooled TIG torches are available as individual items and as kits (including power cable) in 150 and 500 A variants for welding copper, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. Choose from a wide range of this welding equipment on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised American Torch Tip distributors.  

  • Gas Welding Tips
Includes brazing, cutting, heating and scarfing tips in different sizes and types for use with acetylene, propane, propylene and natural gases
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Products (1173)
  • MIG Accessories
Includes MIG welding accessories, such as nozzles, contact tips, contact tubes, goosenecks and linear assemblies
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Products (1075)
  • MIG Gun Consumables
Single-hole copper welding tips for use with laser welding torches to provide maximum heat output
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Products (8)
  • Plasma Cutting Accessories
Heat shields, retaining caps, shield caps, nozzles etc. used with plasma cutters to provide more control, speed and accuracy while cutting sheet metal, mild steel or any other thin metal
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Products (1063)
  • Steel Cable
Includes 11- and 12-inch steel cables for use with Amada and Mazak laser welders
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Products (3)
  • TIG Torches
Air- and water-cooled TIG torches for welding non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminium. Torch kits including torch body and power cable also available
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Products (106)
  • TIG Welding Accessories
Includes argon hoses, barrels, cable covers, collect bodies, gaskets, handles, nozzles, power cables and other accessories for use with TIG welding torches
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Products (314)
  • Wash Fountain Parts
Easy-to-install O-rings for use with Amada and Mitsubishi laser welding torches to create a reliable seal at the interface of two parts
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Products (3)
  • Weld Nuts
Includes different types of weld nuts that can be welded to a part or an equipment in metalworking and automotive industries
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Products (219)