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Safety Filter

Lockout Hasps

Lockout Hasp 6 Lock Red
Item: AD7HUD
Model: ALO80
$24.95 /unit
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Lockout Hasp Standard Red Steel 5 inch Length
Item: AH9KZJ
Model: ALO802
$29.16 /unit
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Lockout Padlocks

Lockout Padlock Ka Red 1/4 Inch - Pack Of 3
Item: AF4ATF
Model: A1106KAS3RED
$112.91 /unit
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About American Lock

American Lock, from Master Lock Company, offers ANSI-compliant standard and customised security solutions. The company's product line includes padlocks, cable locks, lockout pouches and kits, non-locking carabiners and u-locks. Corrosion-resistant body and a cut-resistant shackle of the American Lock padlock make it ideal for application in industrial plants, tool boxes, vending machines and storage lockers. A wide range of these padlocks and other American Lock products, such as file cabinets, cam locks, control keys and key blanks, is available on Raptor Supplies.