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American Hammer has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial hammers for over 25 years. The product catalogue includes a wide variety of dead blow, copper, brass, bronze and alloy American hammers with options in aluminium, rubber, steel, hickory, wood and fibreglass handles. These hammers are also available in different lengths, face diameters and head weights. American Hammer's brass hammers are considered the most durable and widely used in place of steel hammers in various metalworking applications on surfaces that can withstand marring. The brand's single-piece dead blow hammers are made of Hi-Viz urethane and can deliver a controlled force on the surface with minimal vibration. Choose from a wide range of American Hammer dead blow and brass hammers on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

  • Mallets Dead Blow Hammers
Single-piece Hi-Viz urethane hammers that deliver controlled force on the surface with minimal vibration
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  • Sledges
Double-face hammers featuring a brass / bronze / copper / lead alloy / zinc alloy head. Used in various metalworking applications in place of steel hammers
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