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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some American Hammer MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent ABC Hammers, Westward and Wright Tools model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor item that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent American Hammer products available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies offers a complete range of American Hammer products. We can recommend suitable products for your diverse application requirements.


These products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these American Hammer items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About American Hammer

American Hammer's product line includes various copper, brass, bronze and alloy hammers with aluminium, rubber, steel, hickory, wood and fibreglass handle options. The brand's sledge hammers are suitable for use in the construction and mining industries for demolition, breaking up concrete or rocks & driving stakes. American dead blow hammers are useful for jobs requiring precise control & accuracy, like working with fragile materials or when driving fasteners in tight spaces. They feature urethane handles to absorb impacts and reduce operator fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to ensure safety while using an American sledgehammer?

Wear appropriate safety gear, such as gloves, eye protection and steel-toed boots, while using the brand's sledgehammers.

How to maintain American Hammer products?

  • Keep the hammers clean and dry when not in use.
  • Periodically inspect them for signs of damage or wear.

What is the difference between sledge hammers and dead blow hammers?

A sledgehammer has a heavy, solid steel head with a long handle that delivers a large amount of force with a single hit. In contrast, a dead blow hammer has a hollow head filled with sand or other material to absorb stress and reduce rebound.