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Since 1943, American Drill Bushing has been one of the prime manufacturers of hoist rings & safety lifting devices ideal for applications in aerospace, power generation (nuclear, hydro & wind), mining, stamping & injection moulding sectors. Its catalogue includes a wide range of hoist rings (Hoist Eye 360 / heavy-duty / En-Guard), weldless alloy rings, nut inserts, plate lift & tower lift systems and replacement screws. ADB's patented Heavy Duty hoist rings are fully compliant to ANSI / ASME B30.26 standards and have a 200 per cent proof-load tested design, thereby ideal for lifting nuclear energy equipment of loads up to 30000 lb. Made from forged & machined high-strength alloy steel, these hoist rings are firm and strong, as well as provide swivelling and pivoting movement up to 360 and 180 degrees, respectively. The brand'sH.E. (Hoist Eye) 360 Series lifting points / hoist rings adhere to the modern rigging hardware standards, including ASME B30.26 and have a 5:1 design factor in all angular directions to maintain the rated load limit without affecting the tool load limit. They further allow eye rotations prior to lifting activities and are offered in an exclusive green powder-coated body (fastener, bushing and retaining ring) to withstand the toughest industrial abuse. Choose from a wide range of these safety-engineered hoist rings along with other brand products, such as nut inserts, shackle & shackle pins, bolts and chain sling kits on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised ADB distributors.