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Alvord Polk

Since 1881, Alvord-Polk Inc. has been manufacturing aircraft quality reamers and cutting tools. The company's product catalogue includes solid carbide reamers, core drills, capscrew counterbores, adjustable blade tooling and reamer sets. Alvord Polk's chucking reamers are installed in the chuck of a drill press / lathe / screw machine, or a similar machining tool to enlarge / finish an existing hole to a precise tolerance or size. These reamers are made of high-speed steel for offering superior hardness, wear resistance and high-temperature capabilities. The brand's cap screw counterbores are designed to create a recess for socket head cap screws and shoulder screws. These units can also be used for spot-facing smaller spots and enlarging or cleaning holes. They feature a pilot that keeps the counterbore centered in the hole to ensure a level seat. They are available in shank sizes ranging between 1/2 and 1-1/2 inches.
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