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About Altronix

Altronix catalogue includes access power controllers, batteries, enclosures, fibre optic & ethernet cables, low power disconnect modules, power extenders, relay modules, switches, timer modules, UPS units, network communication modules and power conversion & distribution modules. Altronix ethernet receivers transmit and receive data over ethernet for various IP devices like cameras. These plug & play units are connected to devices via RJ45 ports. They feature built-in LED indicators for displaying the real-time IP link status at all times. These receivers / transmitters can transmit data at a distance up to 500 meters at 100 Mbps bandwidth.

Major Trade Names

MAXIMAL Fit Power Systems

MAXIMAL Fit Power Systems

These expandable power systems accommodate sub-assemblies and power supplies for electrical tasks and feature supervised fire alarm disconnect & over-voltage protection for system safety in adverse conditions. They have a low power cutoff, ensuring the safety of enclosed circuits. These enclosures a...

re compatible with both dual and single power supply / charger configurations.

NetWay Modules

NetWay Modules

These modules are ideal for the transmission and reception of data to & from devices. They connect to IP cameras, external microphones, switching equipment, control boards and devices via RJ45 ports. These modules also provide power to the connected devices and have built-in LED indicators for displ...

aying the real-time IP link status of the devices and connectivity.

TROVE Enclosures

TROVE Enclosures

These enclosures are suitable for integrating power systems with access controllers for power distribution operations. They feature removable backplanes for quick device configuration and pretesting on-site before installation. These TROVE enclosures simplify wire management and board layout using b...

uilt-in compartments.

Altronix Competitive Advantages

LINQ Technology

LINQ Technology

Altronix LINQ Technology is used for communicating with devices remotely on the internet. This technology reports diagnostic information via email or windows dashboard notifications, reducing downtime. It also provides remote or local control of distribution of the power output via the network. The event log of this technology tracks the history of...


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to mount Altronix NetWay modules?

These modules can be mounted on walls as well as poles. The wall should be drilled to mount the Altronix device enclosure using screws & anchors. For pole mounting, a mounting bracket is used to hold the NetWay module. A wormgear quick release strap holds the bracket in place.

How to receive & transmit data to long ranges?

Long range ethernet adapter kits can be used to transmit data to IP cameras & devices located within 1000 metre range.

What are Altronix rechargeable batteries used for?

These sealed lead acid batteries supply 12VDC power to security, surveillance and access devices.

What is Altronix StrikeIt used for?

Altronix StrikeIt are low-voltage power supplies that provide power & control for door strikes and other electrified locking devices in access control & security systems.

Is StrikeIt UL listed?

Yes, StrikeIt is UL-listed, assuring the highest safety & reliability standards.

Does StrikeIt offer power supervision?

Yes, StrikeIt has built-in power supervision to ensure the proper functioning of the system.