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Altronix is an ISO 90001:2015-certified global leader in designing innovative power and data transmission solutions. The company manufactures a wide variety of power supplies, power distribution modules, transformers, electrical boxes and cabinet accessories for professional security, surveillance and access control. Altronix electrical safety boxes have NEMA-rated enclosures featuring moulded fibreglass reinforced polyester construction and lockable stainless-steel latches. These halogen-free enclosures also have integral flanges to simplify wall or pole mounting. The RoHS-compliant CAM locks produced by the company have two keys for the safety of these enclosures. The control transformers designed by Altronix are used to provide secondary voltage stability to electric systems and are ideal for machine tool control applications. These transformers are available in foot- and wall-mounted variants in different input / output voltages. Raptor Supplies is an authorised Altronix distributor offering an extensive range of control transformers, plug-in transformers, enclosure accessories and electromagnetic lock power supplies, in addition to the aforementioned products.

  • Cabinet Accessory
Includes rack mount battery enclosures that can accommodate up to four (12VDC/7AH) batteries in a rack configuration
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  • Class 2 Transformers
UL-listed Class 2 transformers with a maximum power rating and output voltage of 100 VA and 30 VAC, respectively. Available in closed / open enclosures and in different mounting styles and dimensions
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  • Control Transformers
Includes various indoor and open, fused / non-fused encapsulated control transformers in different input / output voltages and mounting styles. Ideal for machine tool control circuit applications
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Products (4)
  • Electrical Safety Boxes
Includes NEMA-rated enclosures used for providing a protective cover around electrical systems. Available in different dimensions and metallic and non-metallic variants
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  • Electromagnetic Lock Power Supplies
Includes a variety of Altronix power supplies, controllers, timers, relays, fuses and transceivers with different input frequencies
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  • Enclosure Accessories
RoHS-compliant CAM locks with two keys for outdoor power supply / battery (WP2) enclosures
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  • Plug-In Transformers
Includes a variety of wall-mount Altronix plug-in transformers in weatherproof and fireproof housings. Available in different input / output voltages, VA ratings and connection types
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