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Things To Consider

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, one of the trusted Allpax gasket cutting equipment distributors, offers its complete range of products. We can recommend suitable gasket cutter equipment & blade configurations for cutting a range of hard & soft gasket materials. Choose from several gasket cutter kits that come supplied with various gasket cutter replacement blades and accessories.


The Allpax gasket cutting equipment is offered in a range of sizes and requires special packaging. Hence, the equipment is delivered in packaging depending upon the product dimensions. The Allpax gasket cutting equipment is suitable for courier shipment.

About Allpax

The brand's catalogue comprises products ranging from gasket ring cutters, hollow, arch & power punches, gasket cutter replacement blades, packing hooks, dead blow hammers to rotary & extension style gasket cutter kits. Allpax gasket cutter kits are suitable for cutting flange, irregular & ring shaped gaskets with precision. These gasket cutters are primarily designed for cutting non metallic gasket materials like rubber, cork & fibre in various manufacturing & maintenance facilities. Allpax cutters have a brass cutter block having contoured edges for assuring precision cutting while minimising gasket material buckling. The engraved & easy to read precision scale of these cutters ensures that the user chooses the right setting depending upon the application requirement.
The brand also offers a broad range of hollow punches for punching accurate bolt holes in flange gaskets. These punching tools feature a patented locking system for allowing quick interchange of cutting heads mid operation. Their design enables the user to punch either a single diameter hole or dual diameter rings in one operation. These Allpax punches feature hardened steel cutting heads for minimising chances of wear over repeated usage. These hollow punches are available in various standard & metric sizes for use in a range of applications.

Major Trade Names

Allpax M3-Rotary Style Gasket Cutters

Allpax M3-Rotary Style Gasket Cutters

Designed for cutting accurate ring, flange and irregular shape gaskets. Suitable to cut non metallic gasket materials (rubber, cork & fibre) of up to 1/4 inch thickness. Crank operated cutting mechanism for flexibility & speed control over gasket cutting. Accessory scale bars for extending the cutti...

ng range of the gasket material.

Allpax SM4 Rotary Style Gasket Cutters

Allpax SM4 Rotary Style Gasket Cutters

Primarily designed for metallic gasket materials, such as copper, brass, zinc and soft steel. Heavy & medium duty gasket cutters cut precise ring, flange and irregular shape gaskets. Also suitable for cutting non metallic materials like rubber, Teflon and hard fibre. Accessory scale bars for extendi...

ng the cutting range of the gasket material.

Allpax Competitive Advantages

Medium-duty Gasket Cutter Kits:

Medium-duty Gasket Cutter Kits:

The brand's medium duty gasket cutter kits deliver various crucial features that are necessary for performing tight tolerance gasket cutting compared to its market rivals. These gasket ring cutters have a lightweight aluminium cutting block that has dual indicating metres (inch / me...

tric) for ensuring precise cutting accuracy. They further have plated steel extension bars for maximising the cutting reach. Allpax gasket cutter kits feature non slip, plastic cutting block with textured surface for reducing blade friction, entailing self-healing and minimising breakage over repeated usage. These gasket cutter kits come in plastic storage cases for complete tool protection against harsh industrial environments while enabling job site portability. Allpax gasket cutter replacement blades are also available for replacing worn out gasket cutting blades on gasket cutters.

Patented Locking System Hollow Punch Kits:

Patented Locking System Hollow Punch Kits:

Allpax hollow punch kits have a competitive edge over its rival products. These punching kits have a patented locking system that allows for rapid interchange of punching heads mid operation. This feature minimises the complicacy & time requirement for swapping the punch head. Allpax punch...

kits are ideal for punching precision bolt holes in various flange gaskets. Their design enables the user to punch either a single diameter hole or dual diameter rings in one operation. These Allpax punches feature hardened steel cutting heads for minimising chances of wear over repeated usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What style Allpax gasket cutter is best for my application (extension or rotary style)?

Allpax extension style gasket cutters are ideal for applications that demand portability. The modular & lightweight design of these Allpax gasket cutters makes them suitable for gasket fabrication on site. These extension style gasket cutters are used for cutting non metallic & non rigid gasket materials. On the other hand, rotary style gasket cutters are heavy tools. As these gasket cutters are meant to be bolted to a workbench (Model SM4) or clamped in an upright position (M3 Model), they are suitable for fixed locations like shops & factories. Allpax gasket cutters (rotary style) are meant for cutting metallic or rigid gasket materials including irregular shape gaskets.

How do Allpax extension style gasket cutters work?

These gasket cutters feature modular extension bars, a cutter block and an adjustable cutting blade. The user should first pierce a hole in the gasket material centre that needs to be cut, followed by laying the gasket material flat on the cutting board. A centre pin should be poked through the hole and inserted into a ferrule in the board. The user should then set the blade to the needed depth of cut. Adjust the desired outer diameter setting by loosening the knurled nut. Place the extension tail onto the pin and grip the block with hands. Apply downward pressure & sweep a circular pattern along the circumference of the gasket material. The user should remove the excess material and lastly, adjust the inner diameter setting and cut the gasket material. Remove the finished gasket in the end.

What is the use of a gasket sealant?

Gasket sealant is used to make gasket material more robust by increasing the chemical / water resistance and adhesion.

What are Allpax gaskets used for?

Gaskets are cushioning & sealing material that are placed between surfaces joined by bolts. Gaskets from Allpax are used in variety of applications, such as oil filled circuit breakers, power transformers, boilers & chillers; high pressure steam systems, ammonia refrigerators, industrial air conditioning units, water treatment systems; compressors & turbines, hydraulic cylinders, fire system check valves, air compressors, engines and process piping systems.

How many types of gaskets are there?

There are three types of gasket materials that are used for sealing applications. Rubber, PTFE & compressed non asbestos fibre gasket fall under the non metallic gasket category. Oval & octagonal ring gaskets are from metallic category and camprofile, spiral wound and metal jacketed gaskets are from composite category.

Do Allpax offer replacement parts for gasket cutters?

Yes, Allpax offers various gasket cutter parts for both extension & rotary style gasket cutters. Users can choose from a variety of replacement cutting blades, centre pins, pivot posts, knurled nuts, extension bars, cutting boards, storage cases and piercing tools.