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HVAC and Refrigeration


HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

Gas Appliance Controls

UL listed and CSA certified single-pole gas burner ignitors made from fire-resistant composite. Can operate in temperatures ranging from -22 to 104 degrees and offered in different voltage ratings

Gas Burner Ignitor Single Pole
Item: AF8ERK
Model: 2265-TP
$151.91 /unit
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Gas Burner Ignitor Single Pole
Item: AF8ERJ
Model: 2260-TP
$139.16 /unit
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Oil Burner Controls

Includes oil burner ignitors, ignition transformers and ignition testers to ensure smooth working of oil burners

Gas Burner Ignition Transformer 120v
Item: AB8FJF
Model: 542-A
$271.01 /unit
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Transformer/ignitor Tester
Item: AB7JBY
Model: SC-2100
$127.02 /unit
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Universal Oil Burner Ignitor
Item: AB7JBJ
Model: 2275U
$89.38 /unit
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Universal Ignition Transformer
Item: AB7JBU
Model: 421-BT636
$142.98 /unit
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About Allanson

Allanson is a leading manufacturer of innovative electrical solutions such as fluorescent ballasts, UV ballasts, air purification systems, electronic ignitors, HID ballasts and transformers. These high-quality products are ideal for industrial and commercial HVAC applications.
The brand's CSA certified oil burner ignitors are constructed from fire-resistant composite and have low operating temperature. These energy-efficient electronic ignitors are intended for use with Beckett A, AF, AFG; Carlin 99, 100/1, CRD; Wayne E and Wayne M/MH oil burners. The company also provides a wide range of oil and gas burner ignition transformers. These Allanson transformers are designed to shut off the burner on loss of flame or in case of system malfunction. Choose from a wide range of these transformers in different voltage ratings and mounting styles on Raptor Supplies.