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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Alemite part numbers often cross-reference to various Trico & OilSafe products. So if you're looking for Alemite grease guns or accessories that are either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have equivalent items available.

Why Us?

We supply or source any US MRO part to over 60 countries worldwide. We got your MRO requirements sorted with over 5000 brands to choose from and above 2000000 products in our catalogue.


Alemite products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Alemite

Alemite catalogue includes grease guns, fluid handling & transfer pumps, reels, control valves, meters, lubrication fittings, fluid management systems, single point lubricators and oil mist systems. The brand's battery-powered grease guns feature an LCD for real-time notification of grease meter, cartridge level and battery capacity gauge. They can be adjusted to high & low flow settings and have LED indicators to show the control status (on / off). Alemite heavy-duty reels have swivel and reel ball bearings to reduce torque load on the power spring for smooth retraction. Their anti-lockout design prevents lockup when the hose is fully extended and eliminates the need for manually releasing the pawl at the reel. These reels have a 5-position guide arm that allows the hose to release at an optimum position.

Major Trade Names



Alemite's Easylube automatic grease lubricator is corrosion, dust & moisture-resistant and is easily adjustable to deliver controlled lubrication. It has a flashlight to warn users about low grease supply and a refillable reservoir for repeated use. This UL-listed ...

lubricator can be equipped with a refill grease positioning cover to protect the grease fittings during the refilling process.

Alemite Competitive Advantages

Carbon Shield

Carbon Shield

These units have a multi-level password-protected Human Machine Interface (HMI) display panel, offering touch access to a unique combination of advanced electronics, diagnostics, monitoring, performance parameters and digital communication interface. These systems have an adaptive control mode that learns operating parameters and warns against anom...


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Alemite grease guns?

Alemite offers manual, battery-powered and air-powered grease guns.

How to measure mist pressures accurately in lubrication systems?

The brand offers mist pressure gauges that are ideal solutions for measuring mist pressures.

What is a filter regulator lubricator?

A filter regulator lubricator (FRL) is a device used in pneumatic systems to clean, regulate and lubricate compressed air. It consists of a filter, a regulator and a lubricator. The filter removes impurities & debris from the compressed air, the regulator controls the air pressure and the lubricator adds a small amount of oil to lubricate pneumatic components.