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Albion Casters offers a wide range of high-quality and high-strength industrial casters. The Albion Casters catalogue includes an extensive range of swivel and rigid type light- to heavy-duty casters, such as plate casters, stem casters, twin wheel casters and pneumatic casters, and caster brakes. These casters are available in different sizes and load-holding capacities. The brand also offers a wide range of cam-brake, grip-lock, over-the-wheel and side cam pinch type caster brakes in different wheel diameters. The Albion Caster Wheel product line offers various light- to heavy-duty castor wheels, including pneumatic and solid rubber wheels. These caster wheels are available in different materials, load-rating ranges, hub lengths and working temperature ranges on Raptor Supplies, a trusted Albion Casters distributor.

  • Caster Accessories
Includes caster mounts, expanding stem kits, caster mounting pads and swivel-locks used with various heavy-duty industrial casters to replace old and worn-out parts
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Products (25)
  • Caster Brakes
Cam, grip lock, over-the-wheel strap type and side cam pinch type caster brake kits available in different wheel diameters. Have steel construction with zinc-plated finish for corrosion-resistance
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Products (29)
  • Caster Sockets Brackets and Floor Locks
Used to prevent unnecessary movement of carts, platform trucks and work benches while loading and unloading items. Have a foot pedal lock and a corrosion-resistant zinc plate for mounting
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Products (12)
  • Caster Wheels
Non-marking urethane and heavy-duty forged steel caster wheels for easy transportation of large equipment. Widely used in manufacturing industries and warehouses, and are available in different load-ratings and hub lengths
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Products (187)
  • Dual Wheel Casters
Rubber and polyurethane casters used to distribute load evenly on wheels and to maximize load bearing capacity. Come in variants with load ratings ranging from 300 to 999 lb, and 1000 to 2999 lb
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Products (16)
  • Plate Casters
Rigid and swivel plate casters used in light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications. Have options in polyurethane, nylon, phenolic and rubber caster wheel variants, with a wide range of load ratings
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Products (420)
  • Pneumatic and Solid Rubber Wheels
Air-filled wheels for slow movement of heavy-loads to ensure a cushioned, shock-resistant and quiet ride. Available in knobby, ribbed and sawtooth tread designs
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Products (12)
  • Pneumatic Casters
Casters with air-filled wheels that ensure a quiet and shock-resistant ride, and are ideal for lawn mowers, wagons, carts and wheelbarrows. Come with options in over-the-wheel strap and total-lock brakes
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Products (9)
  • Specialty Casters
Includes dual wheel appliance casters, gate casters, scaffold casters and rigid plate / swivel plate casters; designed for specific equipment such as aviation cargo handling. Can bear loads up to 999 lb
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Products (18)
  • Stem Casters
Used in shopping carts, hospital beds, rolling ladders and industrial cabinets to provide smooth & quiet movement around narrow corridors. Available in polyolefin and polypropylene wheel variants
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Products (199)
  • Toggle Clamp Spindle Assemblies
Zinc-plated leveling jacks used to hold platforms and other portable equipment in place while mounting casters. Come with a folding crank handle and can bear loads up to 4000 lb
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Products (2)
  • Twin Wheel Casters
Twin wheel swivel casters used in various light-duty applications, such as moving a chair, table or other office furniture. Can be used over hard or carpeted surfaces and are available in friction ring stem and plate mounting styles
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Products (18)