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Material Handling

Storage Bins and Containers

  • Industrial-grade reusable and stackable lid containers with textured bottoms for a slip-resistant grip. Ideal for shipping, distribution and order picking applications

  • Includes storage equipment accessories such as bin cups, lids and rails; label holders, and hanging brackets and straps

  • Used to create compartments in a bin to increase and customise storage space. Available in hanging, insight, shelf bin, stacking bin, shelf drawer and tote divider variants

  • ESD-conductive bins to protect sensitive electronic parts or devices from static electricity. Widely used in electrical and electronics industries for storage and distribution applications

  • Long and short dividers used for creating subdivisions in Akro-Grids. Made from industrial-grade polymer and resistant to most of the chemicals and solvents

  • Dividable containers used in sorting inventories. Made from industrial-grade polymer and have a maximum storage capacity of 50 lb

  • Includes a wide range of rust-, corrosion- and dust-proof Akro Mils storage cabinets with a fully welded heavy-duty construction. Available in different colours, materials and dimensions

  • Heavy-duty storage drawers with a large handle for better gripping; used with mini-cabinets, racks and other shelving systems and can also be stacked to optimise storage space. Available in five different colours

  • Multipurpose and heavy-duty stackable storage containers ideal for use on shelving, carts and dollies. Feature an anti-slid stop that prevents the bins from shifting when stacked. Available in different colours and capacities

  • Akro Mils stackable bins made of industrial-grade polymer or polycarbonate. Used to optimise storage space and feature an anti-slide stop that prevents shifting of bins when stacked

  • Card stock holders used to store and organise cards / documents for quick retrieval. Available in different dimensions

  • Wall-mounted and mobile louvered panels made from cold-rolled steel for extra strength and durability. Can be used with AkroBins and InSight Bins, and are available in single- and double-sided panel models

  • Lightweight and durable nesting containers made from industrial grade polymer. Have a maximum load capacity of 200 lb and volume capacity of 2.19 cubic foot

  • Includes various Akro Mils shelf bins, compartment bins and indicator bins made of high-quality industrial-grade plastic. Used to organise stored items and increase storage space in shelving and cabinets. Available in different colours, capacities and dimensions

  • Corrosion-resistant and sturdy stack and nest containers with a ribbed design and textured bottom for preventing unnecessary movement of the containers when stacked. Have a maximum load capacity of 500 lb

  • Heavy-duty stacking and wall containers with open handles on all the sides. Have strong stacking rims and external ribbing for secure stacking and are available in solid and mesh variants

  • Reusable lids for nest and stack containers and are used to prevent stored contents from dust

  • Cross-stacking totes featuring an anti-slide stop and reinforcing ribs for preventing shifting of totes. Made of high-density industrial grade polymer and have moulded-in handles

Shelving and Storage Racks

  • Heavy-duty steel racks designed to hang and stack multiple AkroBins and InSight Bins, resulting in optimal space utilisation and increased material handling efficiency. Available in single- and double-sided pick rack models

  • Durable and rust-resistant shelving made from industrial-grade steel. Available in single sided and double-sided pick rack models

Hoppers and Cube Trucks

  • Medium- and heavy-duty polyethylene cube carts having a maximum load capacity of 450 lb. Feature rubber / semi-pneumatic wheels with sturdy handles for easy movement

Hand Trucks

  • Steel-made hand trucks, including cylinder caddies and heavy-duty holding chains, used for safely transporting and storing multiple gas cylinders at the same time. Have a maximum load capacity of 50 lb

Mobile Bin Carts and Workstations

  • Steel-made mobile bin (wire) shelving with 6 shelves and 30 plastic bins to move tools or equipment in a workplace for easy access. Offer a maximum load capacity of 2000 lb

Stock Picking and Putaway Carts

  • Versatile and heavy-duty structural foam platform trucks with a non-skid and chemical-resistant surface. Available in 24 x 48 inch and 30 x 60 inch variants with a maximum load-holding capacity of 2000 lb


  • All-welded, powder coated steel cabinets featuring a keyed handle with a 3-point locking mechanism. Louvered panel variants also available

Dollies and Movers

  • Steel dollies used to move and transport large storage bins and containers. Have an all-welded 13-gauge steel body with a powder coated finish

Akro Mils is a leading manufacturer of various industrial storage and material handling products. The Akro Mils Storage product line includes cabinets, louvered systems, bins, containers, shelving systems, and nest and stack totes. Offered in both plastic and metal variants, the storage cabinets by Akro Mils are ideal for a secure, dust-free storage and organisation of all kinds of industrial supplies. The company also offers a broad range of cabinet and cart accessories, such as lids, bin dividers and label holders, for better space utility and improved accessibility. The Akro Mils Bins range includes durable and rust-resistant shelf bins, hang and stack bins, drawer bins and giant hopper bins. These bins are made of high-quality industrial-grade plastic and offer great durability against continuous rough handling. Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Akro Mils distributors, offers a wide range of these material handling and storage products, as well as other material transportation products, such as platform trucks, hand trucks, dollies and mobile carts.