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About Airotronics

Airotronics is a division of Pelco Component Technologies, offering a comprehensive line of timer relays and controls, circuit protectors and various other electronic components. The Airotronics Timer Relays catalogue includes solid state timer relays, time delay relays and current sensor relays used in various electrical equipment. Airotronics solid-state timer relays are multifunction timers and provide digital timing, flasher controls and percentage timers. These ROHS-compliant timer relays have encapsulated circuitry, a 1/4-inch quick connect terminal and an adjustable delay length. Current sensor relays by Airotronics feature over-current and under-current sensing and are used to protect sensitive equipment against over- or under-current conditions. They can be adjusted to provide variable and fixed time delay and are available in different sensor ranges. Raptor Supplies offers a variety of timer relays in different current ratings and function types.