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AIRLOC Vibration Absorbers

Vibration Absorbers(42 Products)

About Airloc

AirLoc's extensive catalogue includes various vibration isolation pads. The brand's Wedgemount precision levellers are made of cast iron to withstand heavy loads. These VRC Series anti-vibration mounts are placed under the machine bed and do not require anchoring to the ground. They are available in different arrangements with centrally located / offset levelling studs or as a 4-wedge-Duo system. AirLoc Jacmount adjustable levellers are perfect for quick and precise machine setups. The special construction of their pressure plates allows them to compensate for ground unevenness of up to 4 degrees while ensuring outstanding horizontal stability.
Choose from a wide range of vibration isolation pads at Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of AirLoc.