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AIR HANDLER Pleated Air Filters

Pleated Air Filters(575 Products)

AIR HANDLER Pocket Air Filters

Pocket Air Filters(301 Products)

AIR HANDLER Mini-Pleat Filters

Mini-Pleat Filters(212 Products)


HEPA Air Filters(37 Products)

AIR HANDLER Panel Filters

Panel Filters(77 Products)

AIR HANDLER Steel Filters

Steel Filters(52 Products)

AIR HANDLER Link Filters

Link Filters(425 Products)

AIR HANDLER Panel Holding Clips

Panel Holding Clips(10 Products)

AIR HANDLER Trim-To-Fit Filters

Trim-To-Fit Filters(8 Products)


Filter(2 Products)

AIR HANDLER Shoulder Screws

Shoulder Screws(1 Product)

About Air Handler

Air Handler, a Grainger brand, is a leading manufacturer of filters for HVAC devices used in healthcare, food processing and telecommunication industries. Its product catalogue includes pleated air filters, link filters, pocket air filters, extended surface filters, carbon filters, panel filters and air cleaners. The brand’s air cleaners are designed to keep the air healthy and odour-free and are capable of generating 2000 cfm airflow. These cleaners have a filter rating of 0.3 microns and a maximum filtration efficiency of 0.65. Fan shroud filters by Air Handler feature polyester construction and are designed to filter out dust mites, sanding dust, spray paint, textile fibres and carpet fibres. These come equipped with a hook-and-loop closure facility for easy installation and are ideal for use with 18 - 36 inch air circulators. Choose from a wide range of air filters, available in different dimensions, filter efficiencies (25% - 95%) and synthetic materials, on Raptor Supplies.