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Aetna Bearing

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Aetna Bearing Bearing Accessories

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About Aetna Bearing

Since 1916, Aetna Bearing has been manufacturing bearing assemblies for agricultural, industrial and automotive applications. The brand's extensive catalogue includes sprocket idlers, belt idlers, thrust ball bearings and clutch release bearings. Aetna's permanently lubricated belt idlers are used as tensioners or direction changers. They have hardened cases to resist belt abrasion. The brand's thrust ball bearings benefit high-speed applications like pumps, valves, machine spindles, rotary tables and drilling heads. Their banded design offers contamination protection.
Customers searching for the company's idlers and bearings can look for the model, item or cross-reference number on our website. We also source direct alternatives for various old and discontinued products, with no minimum order quantity required for placing orders.