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Since 2006, AeroLEDs has been manufacturing LED based aerospace lighting such as landing / taxi lights, wingtips, tail lights, beacon lights, nav lights and ice lights. AeroLEDs SunBeam LED landing lights are high intensity lights that illuminate the runway for clear visibility during takeoff & landing. They feature integrated pulse or Wig-Wag functions to increase recognition in broad daylight & night operations, thereby preventing midair collisions & bird strikes. The brand's SunBeacon lights replace standard rotating aircraft & flashing beacons and provide 360 degree flash patterns around their vertical axis. These lights have clear lenses with white or red LEDs and offer superior anti-collision benefits. Choose from a wide range of the aforementioned items, as well as suntail, polaris, strobe, star & sunray lights on Raptor Supplies.
We supply and deliver to more than 60 countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. You can either reach us via phone / WhatsApp / live chat, or submit the form on this page to get the equivalent part you need today!

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