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Adamation is a leading manufacturer of innovative warewashing equipment and conveyor solutions for foodservice industry. The brand's product line includes dishmachines (carousel, flight-type and straight line type), food waste pulpers, silverware burnishers, tray conveyors and accumulators. Adamation ADT-1 HTB door type dishmachines feature water saving design with maximum 1.2 gallon per rack (72 gal/hr) water usage, 1 hp drip-proof pump motor for recirculation of wash water to efficiently reduce detergent usage and increase heat efficiency, a compact booster heater for heating the water to an appropriate temperature (150 degrees F) and advanced hot spray wash pattern for excellent soil stripping while also protecting delicate items. These fully automatic devices come equipped with a switch to fill & heat the wash tank plus activate the booster heater and another button to activate the wash cycle. They can wash up to 60 racks of dishes per hour, thereby reducing operating costs and utility usage as compared to traditional dishwashers.
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