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Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group, formed from the merger of Belshaw and Adamatic in 2007, manufactures donut and bakery equipment for restaurants, supermarket chains, bakery cafes, military bases & ships, donut packaging plants and more. Their catalogue includes donut production equipment, convection ovens, spiral mixers, donut icers & jelly injectors, sugaring tables, deck ovens, fryers and more. The brand's donut fryers are used to fry donuts, greek loukoumades, hushpuppies and more using gas or electric power source. They can be used for frying cake or yeast-raised donuts with the help of frying screens having handles for handling large volumes of donuts at a time. These fryers also come with draining trays for draining excess oil and covers for preventing entry of dust & other contaminants. The brand also supplies divider rounders for making divided rolls of hot dog & hamburger buns, large sub rolls and baguettes.
We supply and deliver to more than 60 countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. You can either reach us via phone, live chat, WhatsApp or submit the form on this page to get the equivalent part you need today!

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