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Pneumatics Filter

Exhaust Port Flow Controls

Acorn, Flow Control, Pack Of 10
Item: CH6HKA
Model: 0469-020-001
$101.16 /unit
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Includes screws, cables, tubing, air control diaphragms, nuts, valve assemblies, O-rings, cartridge assemblies, strainers and other replacement parts for use with various plumbing systems

Flow Control Assembly
Item: AA9ZYF
Model: 2312-003-000
$28.22 /unit
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Mixing Tee Body Hot And Cold
Item: AB7WPT
Model: 2570-041-000
$32.17 /unit
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Valve Assembly With Extended Stem
Item: AB7WPU
Model: 2432-020-002
$716.45 /unit
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Canopy Handle Single Temp
Item: AB9RAZ
Model: 2292-003-199
$93.47 /unit
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Push Rod Adjusting Cup
Item: AB9RBA
Model: 2315-000-001
$49.91 /unit
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Tamper Resistant Screws Stainless Steel - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RBB
Model: 0112-002-001
$34.51 /unit
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Phillips Round Head Screws Stainless Steel - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RBC
Model: 0116-012-001
$35.60 /unit
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Allen Head Set Screws - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RBD
Model: 0181-011-001
$35.60 /unit
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Cup Point Allen Head Set Screws - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RBE
Model: 0181-012-001
$35.60 /unit
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Hex Wrench 5/32 In
Item: AB9RBF
Model: 0296-020-000
$19.82 /unit
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Hex Nuts, Size: 8 - 32, Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RBG
Model: 0302-003-001
$35.60 /unit
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Air-trol(r) Retainer Clips Plastic - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RBH
Model: 0326-100-001
$34.51 /unit
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Gaskets - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RBW
Model: 0421-019-001
$40.95 /unit
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Bonnet Gaskets - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RBX
Model: 0431-023-001
$35.60 /unit
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Flow Controls 0.5 Gpm
Item: AB9RBY
Model: 0469-005-000
$21.15 /unit
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Pe Tubing Orange 1/8 Inch Outer Diameter x 10 Feet
Item: AB9RCG
Model: 2152-010-199
$39.93 /unit
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Pe Tubing Red 1/8 Inch Outer Diameter x 10 Feet
Item: AB9RCH
Model: 2153-010-199
$38.59 /unit
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Pe Tubing Blue 1/8 Inch Outer Diameter x 10 Feet
Item: AB9RCJ
Model: 2155-010-199
$38.59 /unit
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Pe Tubing Clear 1/4 In
Item: AB9RCK
Model: 2160-010-199
$38.59 /unit
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Braided Supply Hose Stainless Steel 6 In
Item: AB9RCL
Model: 2195-010-000
$47.87 /unit
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Flo-cloz(r) Bonnet Cap
Item: AB9RCR
Model: 2280-000-199
$39.73 /unit
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Meter-matic(r) Cartridge Assembly
Item: AB9RCU
Model: 2302-000-002
$242.73 /unit
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Penal-trol(r) Cartridge Assembly
Item: AB9RCW
Model: 2304-000-001
$190.79 /unit
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Self-closing Rod Assembly
Item: AB9RCX
Model: 2304-001-001
$144.97 /unit
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Check Stop

Check Stop

Item: AB9RCY
Model: 2415-000-001
$61.57 /unit
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Compression Spring - Pack Of 10
Item: AB9RCZ
Model: 2415-002-001
$34.51 /unit
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Water Chamber Assembly
Item: AB9RDC
Model: 2560-015-001
$33.95 /unit
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Separator Cup
Item: AB9RDE
Model: 2563-002-199
$31.37 /unit
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About Acorn

Acorn Engineering Company, a brand of Morris Group International, manufactures hand washing products & plumbing fixtures. Acorn bathroom sinks are available in oval and rectangle shapes with a push-button or manual faucet. These sinks feature an air-controlled, pneumatically operated push button valve using atmospheric air. They have stainless steel construction and an ergonomic spout handle to give the user the maximum control of the water flow. Choose from a wide range of bathroom sinks, mop sinks, wash fountains, free standing shower stalls and showerhead & tub faucets on Raptor Supplies.