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Since 1972, ACK Avionics Technologies, Inc. has been designing motorcycle racing accessories and aircraft parts. The ACK Avionics Technologies catalogue includes altitude encoders, emergency locator transmitters and Ameri-King retro fits. The brand's E-04 ELTs (emergency locator transmitters) accept NEMA GPS position data from King GPS / Bendix and Garmin for accuracy, and are used to transmit a distress signal in 406 & 121.5 MHz frequencies. They comprise ELT, lithium battery pack, remote control, external antenna, retention straps, mounting trays, coaxial cables & audible alert plug. The brand's A-30 altitude encoders indicate pilots about the altitude of the aircrafts above average sea level and feature colour coded wiring harnesses with pre-wired jacks for protection against abrasion, vibration & moisture. These easy-to-install encoders have quick-release mounting trays, harnesses, static lines & installation manuals.
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