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Accuform is a leading manufacturer of facility identification products and custom sign solutions. The company's line of products includes safety tags, safety labels, safety signs, pipe markers, ID tags, welding safety posters, construction banners and HMCIS labels and signs. The ANSI-compliant safety labels offered by Accuform have visual alert symbols with bright headers for indicating caution, danger or warning and are available in different colours, sizes and materials. Accuform's construction signs are widely used to warn both trespassers and workers of the hazardous conditions near construction sites. These safety signs and other company products, such as number tags, covers, right-to-know labels and sign holders, can be ordered through Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Accuform distributors.

  • Blank Tags
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  • Covers
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  • Document Displays
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  • Letters and Numbers
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  • Number Tags
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  • Portable Lockout Kits
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  • Right-To-Know Labels
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  • Safety and Lockout Tags
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