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Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

ABC Hammers' model numbers generally cross individual reference to the equivalent AbilityOne, Council Tool & PROTO MPNs. So, if you're looking for hammers that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the alternate product available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies offers a complete range of ABC Hammers, such as ball pein hammers, blacksmith hammers and sledge hammers. We can also recommend suitable accessories to handle diverse application requirements.


ABC Hammers' products are small, medium & large in size and supplied in multiple pieces, therefore require careful packaging as some products might get damaged while shipping. Hence, they are delivered by air freight and courier shipment for minimum downtime.

About Abc Hammers

ABC Hammers' extensive catalogue includes ball pein hammers, blacksmith hammers, dead blow hammers and sledge hammers. The brand's dead blow hammers deliver strong blows with minimal damage to the target surface. They have a convex face design to eliminate denting and a bright red colour for high visibility on job sites. These hammers feature polyurethane construction for maximum durability and a non-marring, non-sparking head that absorbs impact. ABC Hammers' drilling hammers are ideal for forging, punching, bending, welding and finishing applications. They come with heavy heads to drive chisels and punches. These models have ergonomically designed, highly visible yellow colour handles to avoid injury.

Major Trade Names

ABC Hammers Stryker Pro Series Cross Pein Hammers

ABC Hammers Stryker Pro Series Cross Pein Hammers

These hammers have a 16-inch steel reinforced rubber handle and durable head. These hammers are perfect for riveting, shaping metal or any metal works. They feature high-tensile steel rods and a positive locking plate for superior durability and abrasion resistance. The trauma-resistant rubber reduc...

es fatigue and the risk of injury.

ABC Hammers Stryker Pro Ball Pein Hammers

ABC Hammers Stryker Pro Ball Pein Hammers

ABC Stryker Pro ball pein hammers are designed for bending and shaping metals, setting rivets and driving cold chisels. The ergonomic design with a thickened boss protects them from loads of overstrikes. These hammers feature spring steel technology that makes the handle unbreakable and an innovativ...

e positive locking plate to ensure that the head doesn't separate from the handle.

Abc Hammers Competitive Advantages

ABC Hammers Stryker XHD Series Sledge Hammers

ABC Hammers Stryker XHD Series Sledge Hammers

ABC Stryker XHD series sledge hammers are long-handled striking tools for delivering high momentum during a swing, making them ideal for demolishing jobs. They have a drop-forged steel head and thickened boss to withstand numerous overstrikes. These units come with a shock-absorbing, non-slip handle for a comfortable grip during application and fea...

ture a reinforced steel lanyard hole for added safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dead blow hammer?

A dead-blow hammer is a specialised mallet that minimises damage to the struck surface and controls the striking force with a minimal rebound. It avoids accidental damage to precision work, especially in tight locations and in applications, such as maintenance work in plumbing, HVAC and foundry operations.

What is the benefit of steel reinforced polymer?

Steel reinforced polymer, also known as SRP, is a composite made of high-tensile steel and polymeric resin that offers exceptional strength, durability and prolonged service life.

What is the use of a drop forged steel head?

Drop-forged steel heads on ABC hammers offer improved performance and strength in heavy-duty applications. They are induction hardened for extended life service.

What is a soft face hammer?

A soft face hammer has soft polymer, brass or rubber striking faces and weighs the same as a ball-peen hammer. Each of their two striking cylindrical faces is made of different materials. This unit neatly bundles two tools into one.