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Electrical Filter

Bolt On Miniature Circuit Breakers

Wide range of miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) used to provide electrical safety during current overload and short-circuit conditions. Feature two tripping mechanisms: one for overload protection and the second for short circuit protection. IEC, UL & CSA listed design

Circuit Breaker Accessories

Installation accessories, such as auxiliary contacts, lug kits, padlocking devices and rotary handles suitable for use with miniature circuit breakers. Tested and certified to meet the highest safety standards

  • Lug Kit
  • Lug Kit

Lug Kit

Item (10)
Padlocking Device
Item: AG8RCE
Model: KT3LD
$29.27 /unit
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Rotary Handle
Item: AG8RCF
Model: KT3VD-M
$73.18 /unit
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Auxiliary Contact
Item: AG8RCN
Model: KT5AS
$282.28 /unit
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Rotary Handle
Item: AG8RCP
Model: KT5RH
$135.91 /unit
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Rotary Handle
Item: AG8RCQ
Model: KT5VD-M
$73.18 /unit
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Rotary Handle
Item: AG8RCR
Model: KT6VD-M
$261.37 /unit
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Rotary Handle
Item: AG8RCT
Model: KT7VD-M
$303.18 /unit
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S2C Series Auxiliary Contact, 6A, Dual Contacts, 240VAC
Item: CE6KRQ
Model: S2C-H6R
$29.04 /unit
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S2C Series Auxiliary Contact, 6A, Screw Terminals, 690V
Item: CE6KRT
Model: CAL5-11
$42.71 /unit
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IEC Magnetic Contactors

Auxillary Contactor Screw Mounted, 3 Pole, 1000 V At 35 kW
Item: CH3THT
Model: AF80-30-11-11
$198.96 /unit
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IEC Miniature Circuit Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breaker, 22kAIC @ 480V, Panel Mounting
Item: CE6KRY
Model: T1N060TL
$563.89 /unit
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Molded Case Circuit Breakers

T1 Series molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) capable of automatically cutting off the electric power supply in case of short-circuits. Deliver a high breaking capacity and offered in current ratings up to 100 A

About Abb

ABB is a globally acknowledged brand producing industrial automation, power grid and electrification products. The ABB product catalogue includes transformers, motors, generators and circuit breakers for applications in pulp and paper, railway, automotive, chemical, food and beverage, marine and mining industries. ABB's circuit breakers are manufactured in accordance with RoHS standards and offered in different voltages for use in a variety of repair and upgrade projects. These are used to control and protect the electrical panel and other devices from current overflows. The brand also manufactures a wide range of padlock devices and rotary handles as replacement parts or accessories for its low-voltage circuit breakers. Choose from a wide range of circuit breakers and related accessories on Raptor Supplies.