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ABANAKI Laboratory Mixers

Laboratory Mixers(1 Product)

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Some Abanaki MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent ChipBLASTER model numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor item that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Abanaki products available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, an authorised Abanaki distributor, offers its complete range of products. We can recommend suitable products for your diverse application requirements.


These products range from small to large sizes. They may require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, they are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

About Abanaki

Abanaki's extensive catalogue includes oil skimmers, coolant mixers, refractometers and their accessories. The brand's oil skimmers remove floating oil from the liquid surface in waste-water treatment facilities, food-processing operations and steel mills. They prevent the plugging of spray heads & filters and allow the skimmed oil to be recycled & reused as a lubricant or fuel. These units have a compact design with a unique wiping system which fits into almost any tank or pit and a safety shut-off switch to avoid overheating. Abanaki coolant mixers are used to mix coolant concentrate with water at the desired level and dispense it directly to machine tool coolant sumps. They have leak-proof fittings to reduce downtime & their cartridges do not require frequent changes. These units self-adjust themselves according to the coolant level fluctuation.

Major Trade Names

Tote-It Portable Belt Skimmer

Tote-It Portable Belt Skimmer

This skimmer is a dependable and effective means of removing free-floating oil from water. This single assembly unit uses a continuous belt and wiper to remove up to 12 gallons of oil per hour from the surface.

Mighty Mini Belt Oil Skimmer

Mighty Mini Belt Oil Skimmer

Abanaki Mighty Mini-Belt oil skimmer has a large discharge trough and requires a small operating space. It has stainless steel construction to resist rust and corrosion in harsh environments. It has a pull-out trough for easy cleaning and dual wipers for high efficiency.



The Q-VAC is intended for liquid pickup in places that require explosion-proof environments. This air-powered unit minimises the possibility of static electricity accumulation and discharge.

Oil Boss Magnetic Mount Tramp Oil Skimmer

Oil Boss Magnetic Mount Tramp Oil Skimmer

This oil skimmer is an advanced tool that keeps coolant free of oil. It decreases the production & maintenance time and allows for easy cleaning. This unit has a small footprint that reduces the amount of clutter and equipment on the shop floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is used for making the brand's oil skimmers?

Abanaki oil skimmers are available in steel and polymer-based variants.

How much sound does the brand's vacuum-based skimmer make?

Abanaki pneumatic vacuum head oil skimmer's noise levels stay below 80dBA.

How to ensure that the brand's oil skimmers use optimum quality coolants?

Users can employ Abanaki refractometers to measure coolant quality in oil skimmers quickly and easily.