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Since 1949, Abanaki has been offering high-end oil skimming solutions for applications in sumps, food processors, metal mills and HVAC systems. The brand's product catalogue includes oil skimmers, coolant mixers, refractometers, pH meters and pneumatic vacuum cleaners. Abanaki oil skimmers are designed to recover used oil from wastewater or coolants and can be used as pre-treatment units before liquid filtration or in conjunction with a coalescing system. These oil skimmers come equipped with a totally enclosed fan-cooled 60 hertz motor that delivers a maximum speed of 57 rpm, making them suitable for both light- and medium-duty skimming operations. To reduce spillage, the brand also manufactures coalescers that do not require any additional oil collection container and cover a wider collection area as compared to oil skimmers. Choose from a wide range of these Abanaki skimmers and replacement parts, like oxygenators, oil concentrators, skimmer belts and wiper blades, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

Coolant Mixers
  • Coolant Mixers
Includes chiperator vacuums, coalescers and coolant mixers used to clean coolants for reuse in sumps. Available in flow rates up to 40 gpm
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Milling and Drilling Accessories
  • Milling and Drilling Accessories
ChillyBits air chillers designed to produce cold air for cooling drill bits during machining applications. Feature an adjustable tip for precise operations and a magnetic base for easy mounting
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Oil Skimmer Accessories
  • Oil Skimmer Accessories
Replacement accessories, such as drive fingers, oxygenators, oil concentrators, wiper blades and skimmer blades, for use with oil skimmers
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Oil Skimmers
  • Oil Skimmers
Designed to recover used oil from wastewater or coolants and are ideal for use in sumps, food processors and HVAC systems. Feature a carbon steel / stainless-steel / plastic / polymer construction to handle light- to heavy-duty operations
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  • Parts
High-strength nylon-core belts for use with oil skimmers to provide resistance against flexing fatigue, fats or oils. Can withstand temperatures up to 212 degrees F without any stretching
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pH Meters
  • pH Meters
Battery-operated pH meters used to measure the pH level of a coolant within the range of 0 - 14. Feature an automatic temperature compensation facility to obtain accurate results
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Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners
Q-VAC 100 wet vacuum cleaners running on compressed air to remove coolants and surface contaminants from tanks, drain pits or sumps. Feature a liquid overflow shut-off valve which activates when the drum is full
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  • Refractometers
Portable refractometers used to detect the concentration of coolants. Feature a Brix scale with automatic temperature compensation and an internal light source running on 1.5 V button batteries
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